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I'm Angus, your sonic architect navigating the dynamic landscapes of UK hip-hop production. Step into my world where beats are crafted, rhymes are spun, and the rhythm of the streets finds its uniquely British voice through the art of production.

In the realm of UK hip-hop, it's more than just a genre; it's a vibe, a culture, a narrative that echoes the streets of London to the grit of Birmingham. As a music producer deeply rooted in the essence of UK hip-hop, my approach is a fusion of grime grit, creative innovation, and a solid commitment to capturing the authentic energy that defines the scene.

From the raw flows of the North to the drill beats of the South, I've immersed myself in the diverse elements that make UK hip-hop a reflection of the streets. My beats mirror the urban narrative, each snare hit and bassline drop telling stories of resilience, ambition, and the rhythm of life in the ends.

UK hip-hop production is a dynamic dialogue between samples, synths, and the soulful sounds that define our cities. It's about capturing the raw energy of council estates and translating it into a sonic experience that resonates with the ends and beyond. Whether I'm flipping samples, crafting melodies, or tweaking drum patterns, my goal is to create a sound that not only bumps in the speakers but speaks to the streets.

This space is your backstage pass into the world of UK hip-hop production, where you can witness the alchemy of creativity that transforms beats into anthems. Dive into the process, from chopping samples to laying down bars, and experience the magic that happens when rhythm and poetry collide on this side of the pond.

If you're ready to vibe, hit play, and join me on this journey through the beats, bars, and basslines that define the authentic culture of UK hip-hop.

This is all my own work, no sample libraries have been used. Everything is created from scratch to best suit the needs of the client.

I'm Angus Malcolm, a music producer based in Bristol in the UK.

If you're looking to work with a creative and responsive producer please get in touch today to talk about your project.


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