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I'm Angus Malcolm, your sonic maestro, delving into the sophisticated realms of jazz and big band music production. Step into my world where melodies swing, horns blaze, and the timeless art of jazz finds its orchestral grandeur through the magic of production.

In the vast universe of jazz and big band, it's not just a genre; it's a language, a conversation, a timeless improvisation that echoes through the smoky jazz clubs of Soho to the grand theaters of Manchester. As a music producer immersed in the elegance of jazz, my approach is a symphony of tradition, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to capturing the soulful essence that defines the genre.

From the smoldering vibes of a saxophone solo to the rhythmic precision of a big band ensemble, I've immersed myself in the diverse elements that make jazz and big band a celebration of musical virtuosity. My production style mirrors the improvisational nature of jazz, each note and arrangement telling a story of emotion, spontaneity, and the timeless groove of swing.
Jazz and big band production is a dynamic dance between instruments, arrangements, and the soulful vibes that define these genres. It's about capturing the spirit of a late-night jam session and translating it into a sonic experience that resonates with both the aficionado and the newcomer. Whether I'm sculpting the harmonies of a brass section or fine-tuning the nuances of a piano solo, my goal is to create a sound that not only pays homage to the jazz greats but propels the genre into new, exciting territories.

This space is your backstage pass into the world of jazz and big band music production, where you can witness the alchemy of creativity that transforms notes into musical masterpieces. Dive into the process, from arranging the brass to fine-tuning the rhythm section, and experience the magic that happens when the jazz spirit comes alive in the studio.

So, if you're ready to swing, bebop, and feel the groove, hit play, and join me on this journey through the sophisticated beats, rich harmonies, and timeless melodies that define the artistry of jazz and big band.

This is all my own work, no sample libraries have been used. Everything is created from scratch to best suit the needs of the client.

I'm Angus Malcolm, a music producer based in Bristol in the UK.

If you're looking to work with a creative and responsive producer please get in touch today to talk about your project.


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